The wonderful wizard of Oz

by Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
American children’s novel 
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (/ɒz/) is an American children’s novel written by author L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W. W. Denslow, originally published by the George M. Hill Company in May 1900.[1] It has since seen several reprints, most often under the title The Wizard of Oz, which is the title of the popular 1902 Broadway musical adaptation as well as the iconic 1939 live-action film.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Emma Rustan September 26, 2020 at 8:25 pm

    This is a fascinating book! All the characters are engaging. As an adult, reading a children’s book might seem awkward but this one is enjoyable even for the old ones. I have also it’s film adaptation many many times. I can read and watch this again and again.

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